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Saxonia Throwdown 2019 is the first international event organised in Leipzig (Saxonia), Germany, including an Individual, Master 35+ and a mixed team edition. The Event will take place on 13. Juli 2019.

The first Place will share a special price, second and third get a medal and goodies from our Sponsors. (Individual Athletes/Master 35+/ Team Athletes) There will be 3 WODs + Final-WOD which will be published on the day of the event. There are no qualifiers in Team, Master and Individual Events. All athletes and all divisions will compete in the same day!

All athletes and all divisions will compete on 13.Juli 2019!

Our partners

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German Weightlifting Shop

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Heletic Gear

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Kanzlei KTR

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Thank you for your support with photography and planning! BASISLAGER

we need you Volunteers! 

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